Copy (Cloud Storage App) – Review and Installation Guide

Copy recently joined the list of storage clients with native apps for Linux desktops. Other notable storage clients that offer Linux apps are Dropbox, Ubuntu One, Owncloud, justcloud and Spideroak.Cloud Storage AppsCopy offers 10GB free storage when you sign up, an additional 2GB free storage when you first tweet about Copy and an additional 5GB storage for every successful referral. Now that’s a lot of FREE storage space!. If that’s still not enough, Copy offers additional space at competitive prices. There are native apps that can be downloaded on Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and Linux. Copy also offers companies the ability to setup a storage account that features advanced monitoring and sharing facilities. I installed Copy in elementary OS Luna. The installation was smooth and accomplished in a few steps.

Like other cloud storage apps, Copy features a menu at the top panel from where you can control synchronisation, open your folder or open settings and preferences.

Copy Panel MenuThe preferences app is features a clean, easy to use UI that fits nicely in elementary.



  • Go to
  • Sign up and download the Linux installation file. (It will automatically prompt download once you’ve filled out the sign up form).
  • Check your email to verify your new Copy account.
  • Extract the downloaded folder.
  • Open the extracted folder and navigate to the sub folder pertaining to your computer’s architecture (X86, X86_64).
  • Click on the file called, “CopyAgent” and follow the on-screen prompts. DONE!

Copy will create a folder called, “Copy” within your home folder. If you’re familiar with Dropbox, you’ll know that the contents of this folder will be synchronised with your cloud drive.



19 thoughts on “Copy (Cloud Storage App) – Review and Installation Guide

  1. I personally have been using for a while now and I am totally hooked! They offer much better features than than most other cloud storage providers.

    For a limited time, if you use the following link to sign up for, you get a whopping 15GB of cloud storage with them!:

  2. copy is great service but I just love dropbox
    but you can use both: dropbox for daily use and copy for big folders like music and photos
    with this promotion you can get a lot of space gor free
    sign up using this link to get 20 GB for free ( and help me get some free space )


  3. I also find the copy iphone and android app to be much better than what box has. The desktop application for copy is as good as dropbox.

    Please the below link if you want 20 gb to start (it also helps me out too, thank you) =)

  4. I also installed it on Elementary OS Luna Beta 2… but how do you integrate it with the right click menu within the copy folder? I mean, if I right click on a file, there’s no “copy” menu (to share it and all that)…
    I had the same problem with dropbox, but I found a plugin for it and now it works…
    How did you enable the copy menu?

  5. I use this service very happy.
    It works whiteout problems across all my PC’s, Notebooks and Smartphones.
    Try it out yourself by using this link and get 20 GB :
    Please verify your eMail and install the client.

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